“Talk to the Hand – the Art of a Woman’s Voice”

Justine Amadeo – Mother, Magazine Editor, Cancer Survivor    


Silenced. Empowered. How do we, as women, get from point A to point B? And what is the journey like?

Talk to the HandThe Art of a Woman’s Voice is a photographic project that explores the plight to empowerment of women in today’s world. Do women feel silenced? Or do they feel empowered? Yes and Yes.

If it’s true that we as women have been reluctant to have our own voices, what has been the tape over our mouths (or minds and actions for that matter)?  Are we still oppressed as American women in 2013? Does society, our upbringing, our relationship(s), or mere circumstance deflate our balloon of empowerment? Or do we silence ourselves?

For this project, countless women have opened the door of their journey to share their experience of feeling silenced and empowered.  Talk to the HandThe Art of a Woman’s Voice showcases a collection of portraits of women with messages to themselves, other women, and to the world they are hoping to rise above and impact. These are women of all ages and from all walks of life; actresses and accomplished military leaders, domestic goddesses and grandmothers undergoing chemotherapy, handicapped teens and professional athletes.  I thank them for not only representing the rest of us, but infecting us with their courage and inspiring us to walk (or run!) to a place of empowerment.

Exhibition details TBA.

Art by Melanie Gregg – Photographer, Artist, Educator, Mother, Creative Activist.

“Fight for Foie” – Haven Gastropub, Orange California. Dinner with a cause.

Left Bank Brasserie – Menlo Park

LB Steak – Santana Row, San Jose

The Tustin Garage – Beach Pit BBQ 2.6.2012