Ojai Abstracts, 2015

There’s no way for me to sit at the base of this mountain without moving a paint brush.

Acrylic on canvas, cardboard, wood.







Dance Warriors, a photographic exploration

Tracey Allyn, Dance Warrior

Artist? Athlete? Performer? Dance Warrior.

                Sandra Mirley, Dance Warrior                                            Jenni Wolk, Dance Warrior

The spirit of dancers has always intrigued me. They prance or glide onto stage, a seemingly natural and effortless play date between themselves and the dance floor, as they entertain the audience. Or maybe as they entertain themselves? I’m not sure. That’s what I’m trying to figure out as a dance-worshipping, curious artist.

This project, “Dance Warriors”, photographically explores the mysterious and passionate spirit of professional, competitive, and spiritual dancers. Maybe there’s another category of dancers that I discover along the way. What I’m interested in is tapping into the tribal-like spirit of what I refer to as Dance Warriors: those who dance because it is their only choice, for the art and movement of dance is what their life is about.

I have been perplexed and inspired by, in awe of, the many dancers in my life. They push their minds. They push their bodies. Day in. Day out. They live through dance. They die through dance. They have a seemingly love-hate relationship with dance. Their bodies are their instruments, for better or worse. But not dancing is never an option. So they just dance…and it consumes them. These dancers seem to house a tribal-like spirit, within themselves as well as with their fellow dancers.

And then they flutter onto stage for the rest of us to enjoy. Entertainment for the audience. Oxygen for the dancer. It looks so easy and natural. But most people don’t see what goes on behind stage. Maybe the dancers can explain it…or maybe they can just dance for us. For themselves. And the rest of us can just watch and imagine.      >> melaniegregg.com >> melaniegregg@me.com >> (949) 394.2999

Nikki Clarke, Dance Warrior


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